I thought I’d share the Top 5 books I have read so far in 2021, so in no particular order (they’re all 5 stars for me):

  1. Think Again by Adam Grant- This book was filled with wisdom. Touching a vast array of subjects but ultimately centering on how to have a flexible mindset to grow. Definitely necessary in our current climate
  2. 11/22/63 by Stephen King- By far the biggest book I’ve ever read but also the best. I still think about this book at least weekly. I see why it is held in such high regard.
  3. The Ride of A…

I have recently come across an unlabeled idea I would like to call misincentives. Misincentives mean that people are incentivized to waste resources such as money, time, or other tangible resources, to receive a benefit. I guess this would be part of our waste economy.

I came across this quite organically as I spoke with someone about hotel rewards. They explained that they went home for a week or so during an extended work trip (90+ days). During the time, they wanted to move to a better room. They were informed by hotel staff that due to a tax benefit…

Ransomware. You’ve probably heard a lot about it over the last few months. You may or may not know what it is. It’s the reason why people went nuts about gas a couple of weeks ago. Regardless of your experience with it, it’s poised to become influential in our lives over the next few years.

First off, what is ransomware? This video does a good job of explaining in crash course style. Put simply; ransomware is an attack on your computer (personal, network, or systems). The attack locks (encrypts) your computer and all the information stored on it until you…

Here is a great article in the NY Times about the pervasivity of AI in our world, how it will only grow, and the personalization it is giving us. Very much Yuval Noah Harari vibes from this. If you like this I highly recommend 21 Lessons For The 21st Century.

Hello all, I wrote a short story for a contest. Take a look at it here: https://vocal.media/humans/within-these-pages-c0afz80c42

Big tech has long been growing to a boiling point. I think the watershed moment is coming soon. In the next year or two, we will see big changes in big tech and social media. (Note: Big tech encompasses companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and Google)

There are two arguments to be had:
1. Big tech is privately owned businesses and should be left to their own devices (i.e. Laissez-Faire)
2. Big Tech has grown far beyond what we dreamed it would be & it requires regulation as it is too big to fail.

1.Big tech is privately owned…

I can’t recommend this series enough. Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller is a documentary series on National Geographic in which Mariana van Zeller goes firsthand into some of the seediest and darkest corners of our globe, which are sometimes right under our noses. Her courage and drive to chase down all parts of the story lead to award-worthy reporting. I first heard about this series on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

If you’ve been paying close attention to social media over the last year or so you may have noticed an interesting trend, meme marketing. For me I began to realize this when Michael Bloomberg announced his presidential campaign…via memes. Bloomberg invested heavily in non-traditional ways of campaigning by paying well known popular Instagram meme accounts to post about Bloomberg’s campaign.


While not surprised to see this necessarily, I was surprised to see a presidential candidate use it and with such a big push. As the year waned on, I began recently seeing my feed flooded with memes about how “drinking…

Social media has risen over the last 3 decades from becoming a fringe corner of the internet to becoming a massive and arguably necessary part of daily life. Rarely do you find someone who does not utilize any part of social media or it’s services.

A major issue with this is that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Amazon have grown so large and become so integrated into daily life that we now must address the elephant in the room that no one realized was there. …

Social media has largely given a voice to the traditionally voiceless. It has given us fun things like peeks into the daily routine of D1 athletes and been impactful in relation to social justice this past summer. However, the rise of Tik Tok has given us a new glimpse into the criminal world. Prison Tik Tok is a new corner of social media that has gained prominence. While it is good that we are getting to see the true conditions inside prisons/jails, and complaints of abuse (I have a number of thoughts on criminal justice reform that I’ll share at…

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